Hobart Airport will make every effort to assist media to obtain footage for news and current affairs programs.

Importantly, we respect the right to privacy of our passengers and the airline staff. In order to maintain their comfort level we request that news crews meet the following guidelines when visiting the airport:

  • Give prior notice of camera crews filming in the airport. While we understand that breaking news does not always allow for a great deal of warning, we still require as much notice as possible. This should be done by calling 03 6216 1609.
  • Do not film security staff, or individuals dealing with security equipment.
  • Please direct requests for filming check-in counters and airline staff to the relevant airline.
  • Avoid filming in areas where passengers and staff cannot move away from cameras, without expressly gaining permission.

Hobart Airport thanks you for your courtesy in abiding by our media guidelines.

Media parking

Hobart Airport can assist in providing parking for the Media.  Please contact us prior to arrival.

Recent media releases

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Media contact

All media requests should be directed to Hobart Airport’s General Manager of Corporate Affairs on Ph. 03 6216 1609.