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HIAPL ASIC Application Form

AusCheck Privacy Notice

Manual VIC Application

ASIC Awareness presentation (10 mins)



Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC):

An ASIC is required by any person that needs unescorted access to secure and/or airside areas

How to apply for an ASIC:

  1. Download and complete the Hobart Airport ASIC Application Form
  2. Download and read the Auscheck Privacy Notice
  3. Complete the ASIC Awareness presentation (10 mins) and attach your certificate with your application
  4. Make an appointment with Hobart Airport to Submit your application and identification. Contact Hobart Airport on (03) 6216 1600 or email


Visitor Identification Cards (VIC)

A VIC is required by any person that does not hold an ASIC and requires access to a secure and/or airside area. Any person carrying a VIC must always be escorted by an ASIC holder whilst in secure areas or airside. A visitor may only be issued with a VIC on 28 occasions in a 12-month period.

How to apply for a VIC:

Daily VIC:

A daily VIC can be applied for by attending Hobart Airport in person, or by completing the Manual VIC Application form and sending it to If you submit your application via email, a VIC pass will be available for collection upon attending Hobart Airport.

28 Day VIC:

A 28 day VIC pass can be applied for by making an appointment with Hobart Airport. To make an appointment contact Hobart Airport on (03) 6216 1600 or email


Please note, it is a requirement to return all expired, suspended or cancelled ASICs and VICs to Hobart Airport.