Request For Services

Hobart Airport has an electronic Service Request System.

Please complete a Service Request form below.

Please input the details of your request, including as much information as possible in the “Details” area including the location of the works requested.

If the request is an emergency, the request must be communicated via phone to the Maintenance Planner, in the first instance, and followed up with the above process.

Once a request is submitted, our Maintenance Planner who will create a Work Order and prioritise the request for further action.

If the request cannot be completed within seven (7) working days from receipt, the Maintenance Planner will provide an update on progress via email. Once complete the Maintenance Planner will email an advice that the request has been completed.

An update on the progress of a request can be made anytime by email to, or by phone on (03) 6216 1645.

  • Please include your FIRST and LAST name