Check-in and departures

Pre flight information


Most airlines allow you to check in online, but if you want to do it in person it’s easy at Hobart Airport – all the check in counters are located in one area.

For travel within Australia most airlines recommend being at the airport 1 hour before departure if you have luggage to check in. If you are connecting to an international flight from Hobart most airlines recommend you be at the airport 1.5 hours before departure. Please check with the airline you are travelling on for specific requirements for your travel.

There are certain hazardous things you can’t put in your luggage or take on-board the plane with you – if you’re not sure whether you are allowed to take something, just ask the check-in staff.

For information about what can and cannot be taken on a plane, see the Passenger Safety page.

If you have oversized baggage, we recommend you call your airline and ask them about requirements before you arrive at the airport. Once at the airport ask the friendly staff at your airline’s information desk and they’ll help you.

Relax in our departure lounge

Say hello to our security screening staff as they give your bags a once-over on your way into the departure lounge. Then you’re free to relax, wander around and check out the bookshop, gift shop, cafés and bars. Take a seat, snack in hand, in front of our huge picture windows and check out all comings and goings of the airport.

Arrival and Departure information is updated every ten minutes here on our website and on information signs in the airport buildings, so you can check flight arrival and departure information.