Be a Buddy

Hobart Airport partnered with national children’s charity, the Alannah & Madeline Foundation in 2019 with a $7,500 donation to its Buddy Bags program, to support the delivery of 150 Buddy Bags around the state and again in 2020.

Buddy Bags are backpacks full of new and essential items designed for babies, children and young people in times of emergency assistance. The bags are given to them on arrival into emergency accommodation and include essential items such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, pillowcase, face washer, PJs, underwear and socks, as well as a book, activity kit, photo frame and the all-important teddy bear.

Developed 11 years ago, the program has delivered more than 85,000 Buddy Bags to vulnerable children around Australia including more than 5,000 bags in Tasmania.

To support the partnership, Hobart Airport built a children’s craft station in the Departures Terminal between 20th-30th December 2019, where children could write a card of hope to another child in need, which was then be placed in these Buddy Bags. Children’s entertainer Mrs Bee manned the craft station to help youngsters with their cards.