Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR Mission

To play an active role in developing a sustainable future for  lutruwita/Tasmania in which our people, economy and environment thrive.


We take time to understand the issues affecting our local community and identify charitable organisations to partner and collaborate with in order to make a valuable difference to the lives of Tasmanians.


• Positively impact the community in which Hobart Airport serves.
• Continue to build a positive relationship with the community in which Hobart Airport operates, demonstrating our interest in wider social issues.


  1. To support the social wellbeing of our community
    Support causes that have a positive social impact on our community and enhance the wellbeing of those in need.
  2. To demonstrate environmental stewardship
    Support causes that are proactive in protecting, conserving and caring for our natural environment.
  3. To play an active role in building a sustainable economy for Tasmania
    Support causes that make valuable contributions to the local economy and facilitate community wellbeing.