Watch out for Wildlife

In a significant move to help protect Tasmanian wildlife, Hobart Airport and Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary teamed up to put a spot light on the protection of wildlife while using Tasmanian roads, for both tourists and Tasmanians alike.

Welcoming in over 60% of visitors every year, with many of these visitors going on to hire a car, there is an incredible opportunity to use Tasmania’s primary gateway to educate people on their arrival, before they hit our roads. Bonorong and Hobart Airport produced windscreen stickers to be placed in rental cars and advising drivers how to avoid collisions with wildlife and contact details if needed. In addition, promotions throughout the terminal have been placed in obvious places in the terminal such as signage and bin covers.

Initiated in 2018, the ongoing partnership aims to drive mass awareness in order to prevent unnecessary animal deaths on our roads and eliminate potentially dangerous situations for motorists. This is something both organisations see as crucial for Tasmania moving forward.