Energy Use and Climate Change

Hobart Airport is very aware of the impact the aviation sector has on global Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions.  We know that we have a responsibility to play our part in emission reduction and are keen to reduce our own environmental impact where we can across all airport operations.

We are committed to seeking ways to reduce resource use, and ‘greenhouse gases’ that come about from Hobart Airport operations and activities.

To complement our emissions focussed program, we continually seek ways in which to reduce the use of natural resources – wherever possible adopting sustainable design principles and actions. Some of the more significant actions include LED street lighting, rainwater capture and re-use, and planting low maintenance native plants.

A snapshot of our environmental journey over recent years can be found in our Environmental Snapshot (PDF).

Our operations are directed by polices such as our Energy Reduction Policy (PDF).

Read more about our revegetation programs on our Biodiversity webpage.