A designated disabled parking spot, located next to footpaths

Disabled and Seniors Parking

If you have a disabled parking permit on your vehicle we’ve saved you the most convenient spots in the drop-off and pick-up lane. For security reasons someone needs to stay with the car at all times.

If you prefer to come in to the terminal to say your hellos or goodbyes, and you have a disabled parking permit, use one of the dedicated disabled car spaces in the Valet or Short Term Car Park. Any customers with a valid disability permit or seniors card are entitled to 1 hour free parking in designated disability bays. Please see our friendly staff at the nearby Parking Customer Service office prior to exiting the car park.

Don’t have a permit?

If you think you have a need to access the disabled parking but don’t have a permit (e.g temporary disability or mobility issues) please get in touch before you travel so we can alert our Parking teams of your needs.