Biosecurity regulations

Tasmania is renowned for its pristine wilderness and rugged beauty. The state also remains relatively free from the many pests and diseases that impact other parts of Australia. This is, in part, due to the strict Biosecurity regulations enforced by Biosecurity Tasmania.

Many industries including agriculture, tourism and conservation rely on the work of Biosecurity Tasmania to ensure our island state remains bug and pest-free.

If you are travelling to Tasmania, you can help too. We all have a legal obligation, the general biosecurity duty to help keep Tasmania free from pests, weeds and diseases. You can achieve this by remembering the Biosecurity Basics:

  • Check your bags
  • Come in clean
  • Stay on the path
  • Report anything unusual

You can learn more about the Biosecurity basics and your general biosecurity duty at

How can you help?

When disembarking an aircraft at Hobart Airport, you will be asked to dispose of or declare any goods that are not permitted in Tasmania. These items should be placed in the biosecurity bins located inside the terminal building. You will be greeted by a friendly Biosecurity Tasmania officer and detector dog who will inspect all hand and checked luggage.

For information about what you can and can’t bring into Tasmania, please contact Biosecurity Tasmania or phone 03 6165 3777. Items may include:

  • Plants / fruits to Tasmania
  • Dogs to Tasmania
  • Wildlife to Tasmania
  • Aquarium and pet fish -contact Inland Fisheries Service
  • Livestock (Animal Biosecurity and Welfare)