Drop-off & Pick-up

Free parking

The Long Term and Saver car parks offer the first 15 minutes FREE.

Want even more time? Visit our Parking page for more information on our car parking options and fees.

Drop-off & pick-up lane

There is a free drop-off & pick-up lane located outside the terminal building. This lane is for passenger set down pick up only, you may be asked to move on by our parking attendants to keep this area safe and reduce congestion.

If you need to park or wait for your passenger please use the Long Term or Saver Car Parks, the first 15 minutes are FREE.

Please refer to the map below for more information.

Please note: Australian Government security requirements dictate that vehicles dropping off passengers must be attended at all times. The driver of the vehicle must remain with their vehicle. Any vehicle left unattended will be subject to an immediate fine and may be towed away.

Flight status

Make sure you arrive at the terminal to say hello and goodbye on time by tracking your flight below:

People with a disability

Vehicles displaying a disability parking permit can use the bays reserved for people with a disability on the drop-off & pick-up lane (located approx. 80m from the terminal entry).  In accordance with Australian Government security requirements vehicles in this area must be attended at all times.

If your passenger needs assistance to and from the terminal, please park in the disability bays within the Valet car park (approx. 100m from the terminal entry and the vehicle can be left unattended).

Any customers with a valid disability permit or seniors card are entitled to 1 hour free parking in our premium car park to allow safe and timely access to our terminal. Once the free parking period has expired, you can remain in the Valet Car Park at Short Term rates (for hourly parking) or Long Term rates (for overnight parking).  Proceed to the Parking Customer Service Office and speak with one of our attendants to validate your parking ticket before exiting.

If you will require assistance or support upon arriving at the airport, please email our team to explore options which may be available. To allow us to assist you, please ensure you reach out to us a minimum of five business days in advance.

If you are a passenger and require assistance inside the terminal building or with getting onto your flight please contact your airline.

Drop-off & pick-up map