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Parking options

Demand for our car parks can be very high at times so we encourage you to allow enough time to get to the airport and to follow the signage to your preferred carpark: Valet, Short Term, Long Term or Saver.
A man wearing a lime fluorescent vest hands a businessman his keys

Valet Car Park

Enjoy the convenience of our Valet parking service. Simply drop off your keys and our friendly team will handle everything else. Your vehicle will be waiting upon your return.

  • 2 minute walk
  • 100 metres from terminal
  • Personal service
  • Electric vehicle charging available
A square carpark signage icon for the 4th parking area. The letter P and number 1 are printed on a blue background.
Two children smile at the camera over the backs of their seats through the car's open boot

Short Term Car Park

Our Short Term Car Park offers a quick and easy beginning to your travel journey, tailored for day trips, weekend getaways and business events.

  • 2-3 minute walk
  • 100-200 metres from terminal
  • Suitable for 2 days or less
A square carpark signage icon for the 4th parking area. The letter P and number 2 are printed on a blue background.
The sun casts shadows on the Hobart Airport long term carpark. A plane flies in the sky.

Long Term Car Park

Our Long Term Car Park offers a cost-effective solution for secure and reliable parking, ideal for stays over five days.

  • 4-8 minute walk
  • 350-650 metres from terminal
  • Affordable for extended stays
  • First 15 minutes free
A square carpark signage icon for the 4th parking area. The letter P and number 3 are printed on a blue background.
A business person walks across a zebra crossing with a suitcase

Saver Car Park

Find great value with our Saver Car Park, the most cost-effective for stays lasting one to four days.

  • 6 minute walk
  • 500 metres from terminal
  • Suitable for stays from 1 to 4 days
  • First 15 minutes free
A square carpark signage icon for the 4th parking area. The letter P and number 4 are printed on a blue background.
Someone reaching out of their car to interact with a ticketing machine

Drive-up parking

Save time and use your credit card at entry and exit. There is no need to take a ticket. If you have any concerns when trying to leave the car park, please press the assistance button at the exit gate.

Alternatively, press the button for a ticket at entry. On leaving the carpark, pay at the exit gate with your credit card, or at the pay station with card or cash.

  • Ticketless option
  • Pay with card at exit

Parking prices

Duration of stayValetShort TermLong TermSaver
0-15 mins$44$6FREEFREE
15-30 mins$44$6$10$5
30-60 mins$44$13$13$10
1-2 hours$44$17$17$26
2-3 hours$44$18$55$26
3-6 hours$44$20$55$26
1 day$44$32$55$26
1-2 days$80$65$55$47
2-3 days$120$97$76$67
3-4 days$160$115$90$84
4-5 days$200$130$102$103
Each additional day (or part thereof)$40$18$14$15
A designated disabled parking spot, located next to footpaths

Parking for people with a disability

Customers with a valid disability permit or seniors card are entitled to 1 hour free parking in our Short Term/Valet Car Park within the designated disability bays. Once the free parking period has expired, you can remain in the car park at Short Term Car Park rates (for hourly parking) or Saver Car Park rates (for overnight parking). Proceed to the Parking Customer Service Office and speak with one of our attendants to validate your parking ticket before exiting.

Disability bays are approximately 100m from the terminal entry.

If you are a passenger and require assistance inside the terminal building or with getting onto your flight please contact your airline.

For further information on accessibility at the airport, please visit our Accessibility page.

If you would like assistance with your booking or need further parking information, please contact Hobart Airport Parking.

View our car park map and terms and conditions.

The Hobart Airport Signage Plan can be found here.