Terminal guide

Getting there

Hobart Airport is located just 17 kilometres or a 15 minute drive from the city of Hobart. A dual-lane highway connects the Airport to the city.

You can get to and from the airport via shuttle bus, taxis, rental car or your own vehicle.

Standard terminal opening hours

We open at 4.00am

We close at 10:30pm

We are, however, flexible and we adjust our opening hours to suit our arriving and departing flights where necessary.

Please note, we are unable to accommodate travelers overnight in the terminal.

Check-in, arrivals and baggage claim

Check-in desks for all airlines and self-service kiosks are located in the middle of the terminal building. 

Please refer to the map below and the Flights page to confirm your flight arrival gate and airline baggage carousel. Information screens can also be found inside the terminal building. 

Oversized baggage

If you have oversized baggage, we recommend you contact your airline and ask them about requirements before you travel. Once at the airport ask the friendly staff at your airline’s information desk and they’ll help you.

Terminal map – overview

Toilet & parenting facilities

There are multiple bathroom amenities located within the terminal building. Please follow the signs to locate those nearest to you. Want to freshen up? Personal hygiene and basic medicinal products are available from ‘Runway News’ newsagency in the Departure Lounge.

For Gate 2 – 6 arrivals: head into the departure lounge or use the facilities in the Gate 1 arrivals hall.

You can check our flights page to determine which gate your flight will arrive through.


Bicycle Workshop

Our Bicycle Workshop is a bicycle service station unit that allows you to assemble, disassemble, inflate tyres via the foot pump and do minor maintenance on your bike.

This workshop is signposted and can be found outside our Arrivals hall, on the right as you exit.

The facility is undercover, empty boxes are to be returned to the Oversized Baggage area or disposed of thoughtfully.

If you need to purchase a bike box prior to travel, contact your airline for more information.

Water refill stations

  • Arrivals hall at Gate 1 near the baggage carousels and at entry to the bathrooms,
  • and Departures lounge adjacent to the children’s play area and at Gate 6 near the bathrooms.


  • Gate 1 Arrivals hall, next to Coal River Farm,
  • and Departures lounge/international, to the left of the lounge, close to Tasmania & Beyond retail shop


Hobart Airport offers luggage lockers, which can be used as a self-service storage facility any time of day or night.

Simply lock away your goods, make payment, and create your one-off unique pincode.

Looking for a locker at the terminal?

  • You’ll find lockers located outside the terminal in the public pick up/drop off lanes. The lockers are in a safe, undercover location.

Locker sizes and fees

  • Medium locker (605mm H X 430mm D X 355mm W) $14 per 24 hours
  • Large locker (940mm H x 550mm D x 420mm W) $16 per 24 hours

For further information about locker storage, please contact Smarte Carte direct on 07 3860 6236.


Trolleys are available to borrow to assist with transporting your luggage to and from the Airport terminal. A fee of $5 applies and upon the return of the trolley, you will receive a $1 refund.

Arriving international passengers are eligible for complimentary trolleys.

Trolleys can be found conveniently located near all car parks and high passenger zones within the Hobart Airport precinct.

Customers with special needs

If you need help getting around, want to organise a wheelchair, find reserved parking spaces for people with disability permits or have any special needs, please see the Accessibility page.

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We love Tassie’s fresh air – we think it’s one of our greatest gifts!
To help preserve this and improve our guests experience our terminal forecourt is to be kept smoke free.

If you wish to smoke there are two designated smoking areas – these can be found outside the southern end of the terminal (follow signs on terminal building) and at the far end of the drop off/pick up area. Both areas are clearly signed and equipped with cigarette bins.

Cigarette butts are the most littered item in Australia. Butts littered on streets get washed into stormwater drains and into waterways where they leach toxic chemicals such as cadmium, lead and zinc. Butts are also commonly mistaken for food by marine life. Please keep Tassie beautiful and put your butts in the bins provided.