Social Stories

We want all our guests to be as comfortable as possible. That’s why we’ve collaborated with Autism Tasmania to create our visual Social Story journeys. Our stories are designed to assist people to understand how an airport works.

We created the videos below to help you prepare for and navigate your trip through Hobart Airport.

Happy travelling!

  • Listen to the man’s voice on the video for more information.
  • Airports are busy and often noisy places. We filmed this lady walking alone during quiet times at the airport, so your experience may be different to hers.
  • You may like to come prepared with tools to help you feel calm, such as noise-canceling headphones or something to keep you busy (a good book, laptop or tablet).
  • For security, you do need to keep your carry-on baggage and belongings with you at all times (even if you get up from your seat to go to the toilet or browse a shop).
  • There may be potential sensory stressors, such as airline announcements overhead, coffee machines and hand dryers in bathrooms.
  • You will often need to be patient while travelling, including waiting in queues for airline check-in, food and drinks, toilets and of course to board your plane.
  • When walking to and from your plane you will be walking with others travelling with you. You are all going the same way and airline staff are there to help you through.

If you have further questions, please contact us or the airline you are travelling with.

Phone: 03 6216 1600 (International +61 3 6216 1600)


Departures Journeys

Full Social Story: A Jetstar Departure

Secondary stories

If you are flying with these airlines your check-in may look like this.



Virgin Australia



Arrivals Journeys

There are several arrival gates that you may enter the terminal from. Every area has signs to lead you out of the terminal and towards where you can collect your checked bags.

Airports can be busy places but you can use the signs and arrows to make finding your way simple.

Arrivals hall (Gate 1)


Arrival through Departures lounge (Gates 2 – 6)


Additional Security Screening Journeys

Explosive Trace Detection Test (ETD)

Our contracted security staff may check for dangerous goods, sharp objects, metals, explosives or flammable materials. This is standard practice Australia wide and selection is randomised.


Pat Down Search

In special circumstances you may not be able to go through the metal detector. (Such as medical implants or wheelchairs). If this is the case a ‘pat down’ search may be required.

This search may also be required if staff are unable to find a cause for the metal detector alarm sounding. A private area is available, and the search will always be conducted by a staff member who is of the same gender as you.

If the metal detector alarm does sound, please don’t worry. It could be as simple as a belt buckle, necklace or shoes. The staff will help you to identify the object setting off the detector which will be safely placed in a tray to go through screening with your other belongings.

If you have questions or additional screening needs please ask the friendly staff, they are there to assist you in your journey and to keep everyone safe.