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Hobart Airport values your feedback, questions and contributions.  If you have a compliment or complaint concerning Hobart Airport, please contact us directly.  Our Customer Service Policy is as follows -

Hobart International Airport Pty Ltd (“HIAPL”) will always endeavour to provide high quality customer service to all airport users.  HIAPL recognises that it is the right of the customer or stakeholder to provide feedback at any point in time.  HIAPL undertakes, where possible to use all feedback to improve the quality of customer service and to prevent similar complaints from happening again.

HIAPL has a customer feedback process which will provide respectful, objective and efficient responses where possible to all feedback received from our customers and stakeholders.

All customer and stakeholder feedback should be directed to HIAPL in writing through the feedback mechanism below, or Attention: Box 1 Strachan Street, Hobart International Airport, Cambridge, Tasmania 7170.

All written correspondence will be recorded and documented and HIAPL will respond to all written correspondence in a clear, concise and timely manner. HIAPL aims to respond to all issues within five (5) business days of receipt and will respond in the same format that is originally directed to HIAPL.  For issues that are more complicated or require further investigation, a written acknowledgement will be issued within five (5) business days of receipt and regular updates on the progress will be provided until a response can be finalised.

For more information on anything on this site, or other information you would like in regard to the Airport, please contact us directly.

Hobart International Airport Pty Ltd
A.C.N 080 919 777
A.B.N 27 080 919 777:

Box 1
Strachan Street
Hobart International Airport
Tasmania 7170

Phone: 03 6216 1600 (International +61 3 6216 1600)

Fax: 03 6248 5540 (International +61 3 6248 5540)

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