Before working at HBA

Working on Airport

This document must be read and acknowledged in writing before working at HBA.

Working on Airport (PDF)

Please find all corresponding documents mentioned in ‘Working on Airport’ linked below:

Hobart International Airport Pty Ltd (HIAPL) is the operator responsible for the efficient management and safe operation of Hobart Airport. This Working on Airport Sites Guide has been compiled to advise all Workers at Hobart Airport of a number of issues, policies and requirements that exist at Hobart Airport and how they affect you.

This document is intended to be read and used in conjunction with any contractual obligations, current legislative requirements, your WHS policies, and any additional Hobart Airport polices as displayed on the Hobart Airport website or notified to you from time to time including the Hobart Airport – Work and Fit Out Guidelines.

HIAPL may modify this Guide at any time during the course of any project in response to new legislation, regulations, standards or changes to site safety and environmental procedures.

Training and induction

Working at an airport is a bit different to other work sites. To make sure all people working at Hobart Airport understand the safety and security implications it is mandatory that everyone undertakes relevant training and induction before they start.

Please register your details in the form below to get started:

  1. Register your details in the form below.
  2. You will receive a notification from BA365 (our training provider) once you are enrolled.
  3. Then you will be assigned training relevant to your specific needs.
  4. You will also be notified when you need to renew your license or training.


Hobart Airport Drug and Alcohol Management Plan

Hobart Airport Drug and Alcohol Management Plan (DAMP)

The following individuals are covered by the Hobart Airport Drug and Alcohol Management Plan:

  • Individuals employed directly by Hobart Airport
  • Contractors engaged by Hobart Airport
  • Sub-contractors engaged by contractors of Hobart Airport
  • Individuals employed by those contractors and sub-contractors
  • Volunteers of Hobart Airport
  • Visitors of Hobart Airport (other than as a passenger)

For further information please visit the Civil Aviation Safety Authority website.

Airport staff car park

Staff working on the airport precinct can access the designated staff car park located onsite during their work hours. Entry to the car park is subject to Conditions of Entry and will incur a $6.50 fee per day per vehicle.