Major Development Plans

Airport Major Development Plans

Under section 89 of the Airports Act 1996 (the Act), all leased federal airports, excluding Mount Isa and Tennant Creek, are required to develop and submit for the Minister’s approval Major Development Plans (MDP) for specific types of development, as well as for developments that exceed certain thresholds. Proposals to construct:

  • a new runway, extend or alter an existing runway, an exempt sensitive development, or those that are likely to significantly affect the community and environment, require approval irrespective of construction cost or building footprint;
  • a passenger terminal, or extend a passenger terminal, are subject to approval depending on building footprint; and
  • a building that is not for use as a passenger terminal, a new or extended taxiway, a new or extended road or vehicular access facility, and a new or extended railway or rail handling facility, requires approval where the cost of construction exceeds a specified threshold (currently $25 million).

Hobart Airport Major Development Plans

Hobart Airport has an approved Major Development Plan (MDP) for a terminal expansion project.  The MDP can be found here: Hobart Airport Terminal Expansion Project MDP

The upcoming terminal expansion is permitted under the Hobart Airport Terminal Expansion Project.