Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC)


It is a requirement to return all expired, suspended or cancelled ASICs and VICs to Hobart Airport.

Red or Grey ASIC

A Red or Grey ASIC is required by any person who needs unescorted access to secure and/or airside areas of the airport.

  • See How to Apply for an ASIC

White ASIC

A White ASIC is required for any person who is employed within a security-sensitive role that requires a detailed background check only, which does not include on-airport access.

Examples are: Known Consignor Scheme participants, Regulated Air Cargo Agent (RACA), Accredited Air Cargo Agent (RACA), Visitor Identification Card issuer or Foreign Official.

  • See How to Apply for an ASIC

Replacement ASIC

A Replacement ASIC is required if the current and valid ASIC is damaged, defaced, lost or stolen card.

Other reasons for replacement ASIC are: changing location, colour or the holders name has changed.

  • See How to Apply for an ASIC

Under 18 applicants

Applicants under the age of 18, are required to undergo a background check that includes a security assessment and, if required, an immigration check. A criminal history check is not included for applicants under 18 years of age.

  • See How to Apply for an ASIC

Under 14 applicants

Applicants younger than 14 years of age, must have their parent or guardian provide written consent with the application form, for them to undergo the national security assessment.

  • See How to Apply for an ASIC

Non-Australian citizens

Non-Australian citizens must provide evidence of their Australian Visa, via a VEVO generated email to asic@hobartairport.com.au , and their current passport for their category A identification documents.

Important information

Hobart Airport is in the process of transitioning the ASIC process to The Department of Home Affairs. Applicants should continue to apply for an ASIC as per existing procedures until this transition is complete.

The ASIC application will be assessed by Hobart Airport, if complete, the background check will commence.

If the application is not complete, the applicant will be notified via email advising the required information for resubmission as a complete application.

When the card is ready to issue, the applicant will be notified by email. The applicant is required to present in person to Hobart Airport Administration with ALL their original identification documents at an appointment.

ASIC processing may take up to 8 weeks, a small number of applications may take longer.

Photocopies, or certified copies of identification documents are not acceptable, and if provided Hobart Airport cannot issue the ASIC.

How to apply for an ASIC

  1. Complete the Hobart Airport Red, Grey, White OR replacement ASIC application form.
  2. Read the AusCheck Privacy Notice and ASIC Holder Obligations.
  3. Complete the ASIC Awareness Presentation. You will need to be registered in our training system first. Go to Training and Induction (Not required for White ASIC)
  4. Collate all your original Identification documents to include with the application.
    Identification documents must be original, government issued and exact name match.
  5. Take a digital photo, adhering to the specifications for passport photos, to include with the application, or a photo can be taken at a face to face appointment
  6. Arrange payment, following the ASIC payment guide.
  7. If the application is for an Australia Wide (AUS) card, include a supporting letter (on company letterhead) with the application, signed by a company authorised person stating the name of all ports where access is required, the frequency of access and the operational need for access at those ports
  8. Contact 6216 1600 to organise submission of your application.