Visitor Identification Cards (VIC)


It is a requirement to return all expired and cancelled VICs to Hobart Airport.

Register your details

Pre-register your details for a VIC

A VIC is required by any person that does not hold an ASIC and requires access to a secure and/or airside area.

VIC holders must be escorted by an ASIC holder whilst in secure areas or airside at all times.

A visitor may only be issued with a VIC on 28 occasions in a 12-month period.

If you require a VIC you must present current and valid original government issued identification that contains your photo and signature (i.e. drivers licence, passport).

  • Daily VIC:

Pre-register your details for your initial Daily VIC application. This streamlines the issuing process at Hobart Airport Administration.

Present your Government issued photo ID with your sponsor at Hobart Airport Administration, to be issued a VIC.

  • 28 Day VIC:

A 28 day VIC pass can be applied for by contacting Hobart Airport Administration on (03) 6216 1600 or to make an appointment.