Airside vehicle control

Driving airside

  • To drive unescorted at Hobart Airport, it is a requirement to hold a valid Authority to Drive Airside (ADA) License. Information on how to apply for an ADA can be found below.
  • Applications can only be accepted if complete, and will only be approved once all requirements have been complied with.
  • Applications can be submitted to Hobart Airport by email (preferred) to, or in person to Hobart Airport Administration

Authority to Drive Airside (ADA)

Any person required to drive a vehicle airside at Hobart Airport must first obtain an ADA valid for Hobart Airport. To obtain an ADA an application must be submitted to HIAPL.

To apply for a new ADA at Hobart Airport an applicant must:

  1. Familiarise themselves with the HIAPL Airside Vehicle Control Handbook (AVCH).
  2. Complete the online theory based test to a satisfactory level (Go to Training and Induction). The test is subject to a fee which allows for one test and one subsequent re-test (if the first attempt is unsuccessful). The fee is payable prior to commencing the test.
  3. Complete and record the minimum applicable practical experience for the category of ADA being applied for as detailed in the AVCH.
  4. Undertake a practical assessment with a HIAPL staff member. Assessments can be booked by emailing
  5. Email completed application form, practical experience log, practical assessment, and a copy of your current ASIC and State or Territory Driver’s Licence to
  6. Complete payment – Go to payment portal
  7. Complete any other requirements detailed within the AVCH.

Applications are only accepted if complete and will be approved if satisfying the requirements for an ADA within the AVCH. All supporting documentation for an application must also be provided for the application to be accepted. Supporting documentation is detailed in the AVCH and the check list accompanying the application form can also assist applicants in understanding what supporting documentation is required.

Authority to Use Airside (AUA)

  • All vehicles operating airside at Hobart Airport must obtain and display a valid AUA sticker. To obtain an AUA an application must be submitted to HIAPL along with an Airside Vehicle Indemnity and Release.
  • The specifics around AUAs at Hobart Airport, including the application forms, are detailed within the Airside Vehicle Control Handbook (AVCH).
  • Applications are only accepted if complete and will be approved if satisfying the requirements for an AUA within the AVCH.
  • Applications can be submitted in person to HIAPL Administration or by email (preferred) to

Employer payment of test fees

Companies may pre-pay the online theory based test fee for their employees to use. Fees can also be paid in advance for multiple tests.

To request multiple payment/employer payment

If you wish to make a pre-payment arrangement for multiple tests please email